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Adult Programs

Here at Ethos, we have the most diverse set of programs available in the Upstate!  We offer the following 7 amazing arts:

Filipino Martial Arts
Jiu Jitsu
Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do
Maphilindo Silat
Muay Thai
Wing Chun

We also offer a combined, mixed martial arts curriculum designed to provide participants with the best combination of realistic, street-effective personal protection methods.  We call that our Self-Defense program!

Youth Programs

We’re proud of our innovative Kids Self-Defense program!  Your child will learn proven bully-proofing methods that will also improve his or her coordination, self-control, discipline, and self-esteem.  We take it a step further by incorporating character education that continues in the home!

You may also be interested in the following youth offerings:

After School Program
Birthday Parties
Summer Camp

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