Ethos Self-Defense

Class Structure

Our Self-Defense classes consist of 30-40 minutes of fitness, drills, skill-building games, and sparring.


Fit, Disciplined, Confident, & Bully-Proof

We have five primary objectives for the children that participate in our Self-Defense program:

1. To strengthen each child’s self-confidence and self-reliance.

2. To strengthen each child’s self-discipline.

3. To provide participants with a foundation in all of the arts we teach, and to learn when and how to apply each art.

4. Empower children to speak out against bullying, making even the untrained kids around them safer!

5. To improve the physical fitness of all participating children. Healthy bodies, healthy minds, balanced lives!

Children will learn kickboxing and grappling fundamentals, defense against stick attacks, and anti-bullying tactics.  Additionally, children will learn to draw attention to themselves when faced with a confrontation to ensure that adults (teachers, parents, police, etc.) in the area can render aide and intervene as quickly as possible.

We strongly encourage parents to participate in the concurrent adult Self-Defense class, rather than sitting on the sidelines. This will enable parents to be effective at-home coaches for their children. The children that make the greatest gains are those that have both parents and instructors with high expectations!

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