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Ethos Combatives is owned and operated by Adrian Hayes and Nathan Hayes.  We’re certified instructors under Guro Dan Inosanto of the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts.

fma60The 12 Areas of Filipino Martial Arts cover essentially all weapon types one might encounter and the phrase, “weaponize everything”, is apt description of the FMA combative philosophy.  Used in the fight choreography for the Bourne movies, 300The Book of Eli, and many more!



Lee Jun Fan was Bruce Lee’s Cantonese name and Jeet Kune Do is the name of Bruce Lee’s philosophy of martial arts; “Absorb what’s useful, throw away what’s useless, and add specifically what’s your own.”  No two people’s expression of that philosophy are the same.  We teach JKD principles through a myriad of striking, trapping, and grappling arts.



The objective in Maphilindo Silat is to control, unbalance, disarm, and drop an opponent with flowing movements and brutal limb destruction techniques, all while staying as mobile as possible.  Used in the fight choreography for The Raid & The Raid 2


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We’ve compiled a short selection of videos to help you learn a little more about our arts.  Enjoy!